Welcome to Deniz Lab!

Deniz Lab is a psycholinguistics research laboratory that was founded in 2015 through a Boğaziçi University Start-Up fund awarded to Dr. Nazik Dinçtopal Deniz. The lab is equipped with an EyeLink 1000 Plus eye-tracker and software to design various types of behavioral experiments. Research conducted in Deniz Lab investigates mechanisms underlying first and second language use. We examine the following topics via specific research projects:

  • Role of prosody in sentence processing
  • Role of prosody in processing morphologically ambiguous words
  • Syntactic and metric factors in listening and reading
  • The time-course of metric factors in listening and reading
  • Processing anaphoric expressions
  • Processing syntax and morphology in the first and second languages
  • Inference generation during reading in a non-native language

We are located in EF 403-2, as part of the psycholinguistics lab in the Foreign Language Education Department.