Syntactic and Metric Influences in Silent Reading in Turkish 

Principal Investigators: Nazik Dinçtopal Deniz & Janet Dean Fodor

Use of Prosody in Producing and Processing Turkish Morphological Ambiguities

Principal Investigator: Nazik Dinçtopal Deniz

Syntactic and Lexical Influences in Processing Complex Sentences in the L2

Principal Investigator: Nazik Dinçtopal Deniz

Processing Reflexives in Turkish

Principal Investigators: Barış Kahraman, Nazik Dinçtopal Deniz

Processing Anaphora in L1 Turkish and L2 English

M.A. Thesis Project by Münir Özturhan
Faculty Advisor: Nazik Dinçtopal Deniz

Processing Number Agreement by Turkish Speakers of English

M.A. Thesis Project by Hilal Serin
Faculty Advisor: Nazik Dinçtopal Deniz

Effects of language proficiency and working memory capacity on predictive inference generation during L2 reading

M.A. Thesis Project by Fatih Sivridağ
Faculty Advisors: Gülcan Erçetin, Albert Ali Salah